Holi – an amazing Indian experience


[Ευχαριστούμε θερμά τον φίλο του blog Alex από τη Γερμανία για το κείμενό του. Ο Alex ταξιδεύει σε όλο τον κόσμο και έτσι βρέθηκε και στην Ινδία, όπου παρακολούθησε την τοπική γιορτή Χόλι.]

About Holi: Holi is one of the most important Hindu festivals during the year and every spring the Hindus in India and all over the world celebrate the end of the winter with a two day long party.

This year I was able to experience the big party. I stayed in Udaipur, well known for its water palace, this spring during the Holi period. The first part started in the evening, the local Tuk-Tuk drivers built up a big stage in the city centre, right in front of a big temple and prepared Holi, a small puppet out of straw on top of a big bonfire that is burned as a symbol. The night came and the place got crowded with people of all parts of the society (not seen very often in India). The music started, the Tuk-Tuk drivers made a big show and the people were all in a very good mood, after two hours, burning Holi started. They lit the bonfire and Holi was burning, it was hot, loud and unbelievable crowded. After the fire calmed down, everybody went crazy and danced to the Indian techno vibes. Amazing! Interesting Fact: In the “Allemanische” Culture, which is spread through parts of south Germany and Switzerland (where I grew up), we also burn a puppet on a bonfire in the end of the winter. It is called “Fasnetsverbrennen”.

Back to India: In the morning of the next day, a huge colour and waterfight took place all over the city. Small children threw buckets of water on the bypassers and at the street and everybody is hugging and colouring each other. The streets are covered in colour and everybody is coloured from head to the toes. An amazing experience and of course a lot of fun. I can recommend it to everybody to take this adventure and go to India, I promise, it will be a life changing experience.

Alex Herman, Germany

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One thought on “Holi – an amazing Indian experience

  1. Ανώνυμος 14 Σεπτεμβρίου, 2014 στο 18:15

    Alex thanks for description of your experience. It seems very interesting to me the tour in customs of others countries.

    Μου αρέσει!


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